Automotive Media Buying, Marketing & Communications Specialists

Here at Media Access Group, we excel in the automotive industry and its methods for consumer targeting. Our exceptional and proprietary resources lend us the ability to develop and create a focused media plan from the Tier 1 manufacturer to Tier 2 Associations to the Retail Tier 3 marketing for local dealerships. Our strategy begins by analyzing consumer data and its relationship to a client’s product, ultimately creating a one-to-one connection needed to market to potential consumers and new demographics. With this information, we have the ability to hand select media that will reach the desired target – meaning we will conclusively know the worth of any media spot in any media outlet. Our access to a varied amount of data and information means we no longer adhere to suggested or set pricing, but set our own value on media spots and their medium. We then continue with a post-analysis of the success or failure of the media placement, generating a validated media plan for your company and its marketing success.

Audi R8
Chevy Camero
Ford Raptor
Honda Accord
Land Rover
Mini Cooper
Porche 911 Convertable
Scion FSR

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