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Our planning process begins with an initial planning meeting(s) with your representatives to establish a thorough understanding of the scope of work, set goals and timelines, and assess all available materials and research. A thorough review is conducted of existing research, competitive and industry trends, and other relevant data to help establish a comprehensive baseline understanding of your challenges and opportunities. Additionally, we will work with your marketing team to audit all of your current and recent media tools to evaluate what is effectively working and what might be able to be better utilized.

In order to develop an effective plan, Media Access Group evaluates the following:

  • Existing marketing goals and objectives
  • Brand identity, positioning and value proposition
  • Brand  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Competitive spending and challenges
  • Market research and trends
  • Target audience profiling
  • Media mix and opportunities

A significant amount of the research and evaluation will be accomplished prior to the initial meeting to determine key insights and provide planning direction. Media Access Group utilizes state of the art research and data, tools.

The collective information is then developed into a comprehensive planning document to serve as a road map for success, for use by all marketing team members. For some agencies, creating this roadmap would then lead to implementation and the process would stop there. However, Media Access Group recognizes that today’s media plans demand flexibility to rapidly respond to the fast paced, ever evolving media environment and creates plans with this in mind.

Our media software allows us to produce endless reports including pre-buy analytics, market summaries, post buy analytics and everything in between for broadcast, digital, print, out of home, billing and traffic. We also like to utilize a flowchart where we have an entire calendar year that shows a snapshot of the annual media plan.

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